Your pension with Raisin Pension

Retirement saving made easy for everyone:
Save regularly, use government subsidies, invest money intelligently.
  • Yield-oriented

    Profit from the return opportunities of investing in a diversified portfolio of low-cost funds

  • Cost-effective

    No commission and low running costs

  • Secure

    Life-long pension with guaranteed pension conditions

  • Flexible

    Adjust or pause contributions online at any time

  • Transparent

    No opaque investments or hidden fees

Choose pension plan

For all tax payers in Germany:
Invest up to EUR 51.574 in funds of your choice and deduct it from your taxes

Maximum flexibility for those who want to build their own pension based on funds without government subsidies.

Retire happily with Raisin Pension

Karl Wickert
Dr. Karl Wickert
Happy retiree

I can strongly recommend Raisin Pension's concept because savers benefit in the long run. Also, the guaranteed annuity conditions have convinced me - my pension is now 26 % higher than with my old provider!

Retirement saving with Raisin Pension

The pension system rests on 3 pillars:
  • state pension
  • occupational pension
  • private pension
In most cases the state pension is not enough to reach one's retirement goal – this pension gap can then be closed with a private pension plan.

Raisin Pension enables you to optimize your retirement digitally. To that end, claims from state, company and private pensions are matched in real time with the personal pension target.

The savings contributions flow into specially developed investment products that are easy to understand and also offer tax benefits and a scientific investment.
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