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Register for free and have your pension forecast displayed online. In addition you can optimize your pension plans yourself and have the possibility to build long-term assets.
  • Full Overview
  • Tax Optimization
  • No Obligations
  • Sample portfolios of Siemens Fonds Invest GmbH

It's that easy:

  • Transfer your previous pension entitlements to the Cockpit and calculate your pension gap.
  • You can see the expected amount of your pension including tax considerations daily.
  • Optimize the individual building blocks of your pension plan towards your goal. Use Raisin Pension products or maintain existing contracts in the cockpit.

Satisfied Costumers

"Recently, the "Cockpit" offers a simple and well-structured web interface that gives me a quick overview of my contract development and the expected amount of my pension."

"In any case, the return opportunities convinced me, especially if you still have like me over 35 years until retirement."

"Creating the contract online was very easy in my opinion, it was clear and well explained."

The Cockpit - easy and reasonable towards the goal


You can view the performance of your savings products at any time and compare them with your self-imposed pension goal. So you always know how your money is invested.

Sensible Invest­ment

Your wealth is managed by independent and distinguished financial experts. Our investment strategies are scientifically sound and offer you a sensible investment.

Full control

The first Cockpit with which you not only have the overview, but also full control. You can adjust, pause and optimize your savings contributions at any time, free of charge.

On all devices

Whether laptop, tablet or smartphone – use your personal Cockpit the way you want it. You can access it from anywhere and reach us anytime via email and phone.

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