Raisin Pension Robo

The cost-effective funds savings plan with individually plannable payouts

  • Choose from 4 sample portfolios
  • Free flexible rebalancing
  • Flexible payments and withdrawals at any time
  • No order fees, only 0.2 % p.a.
  • Low-cost world portfolios (from 0.46 % OGC)
  • Individually plannable payout phase(s)
Invest now

The Raisin Pension Robo is suitable for everyone who

wants a hassle-free investment in funds

wants to start a funds savings plan with an individual payout plan

does not want to hand over the control over their portfolio

but does not want to worry about individual orders and rebalancing

Clarify all your questions in our Raisin Pension Robo PDF
- costs, payout phase, ... and more!

Back to the future: A world portfolio in the Raisin Pension Robo time machine

Simulate your plan over all historical periods of the same length since the year 1900 and find the best, middle and worst case scenario.

The graphical simulation shows the investment and payout phases.
Note: Every time you change a parameter, the simulation runs again, which can result in completely new best/medium/bad periods. And of course, despite a comprehensive data base, variability, and care taken in the preparations and certain adjustments, the calculation gives no certainty or guarantee for the future!

The calculation:
The calculation is based on all equally long actual historical paths of a world portfolio of stocks / bonds since the year 1900, from which the worst and best periods are determined. In doing so, we consider historical inflation values for both the contributions shown and the regular payouts, therefore simulating only historical net returns after inflation. That is, the lines do not grow nominally on the timeline with the contributions and the returns but inflation is always included over time. We have deducted all our costs from the calculated return. The database for the calculation is based on our own analyzes based on Dimson / Marsh / Staunton, Ibbotson SBBI, MSCI and the Bundes­bank.
Example: A shown regular payout of EUR 1,500 per month between the desired start of the payout and the maximum age actually amounts to EUR 1,500 in today's purchasing power. The simulation therefore also includes a historical compensation for inflation in the contributions. With a starting monthly contribution of EUR 200, the saver would always invest EUR 200 according to the current purchasing power until the desired start of the payout, thus de facto increasing their contribution by 2 % per annum.

All advantages at a glance

4 sample portfolios

Choose from 4 globally diversified sample portfolios, based on historical simulations that offer an attractive risk-reward ratio.

Clarify all your questions in our Raisin Pension Robo PDF
- costs, payout phase, ... and more!

The Raisin Pension funds mixer

Choose from 4 globally diversified sample portfolios. These were curated by Siemens Fonds Invest GmbH (SFI) – the Asset Manager of Siemens – based on historical simulations that offer an attractive risk-reward ratio.

Sutor Bank adjusts your investment portfolio automatically and free of charge if its allocation no longer meets the requirements of your desired portfolio. Rebalancing always takes place on the 10th of the month. You can contradict rebalancing at any time.

What happens to your money?

Raisin Pension has no access to your money at any time. Our strong financial partner takes responsibility for it.

Our banking partner - Sutor Bank

Your fund savings plan will be managed by the Max Heinr. Sutor oHG. The traditional Hamburg bank has a full banking license, is a member of the German deposit insurance fund and is one of the few independent private banks in Germany. With its outstanding wealth management, it offers uncomplicated entry into the capital market, provides individual investment advice and manages numerous foundations.

Focus Money - Herausragende Vermögensverwaltung

That's how easy it works



Open your Raisin Pension Robo conveniently online. Without a bank counter or tedious paperwork.



In your Cockpit you can flexibly adjust your contributions and deposits at any time.



You design your payout plan the way you want, monthly or as flexible withdrawals.

Clarify all your questions in our Raisin Pension Robo PDF
- costs, payout phase, ... and more!

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